Sunday, December 3, 2017

Growth from 1st Semester (2017-18)

This is my senior year of high school and I am currently taking Dual credit English 12. I was given an assignment to write on my blog of my progress and growths. I assessed my progress by using the Tackled and monitored learning rubric. Overall, I would honestly say that I am in the developing category. I do know what that content is at all times, however, I do not take that next step to better my learning. I would say this because I am more on the introverted side and I don't really like to ask question in fear other class mates will say it was a "stupid question". I keep a planner of homework that needs to be worked on and when it's due, but I placed myself in the developing category because I don't pay attention to it as much as I need to get my work done proficiently.

In this first semester of the 2017-18 year, I believe that I have improved on written communication. Although my class didn't write too many papers, in a short time I learned how to make my papers a million times. In my junior year of high school, I had a great english teacher, however, I never properly learned how to analyze my evidence. The start of English 12 was rough, but with some help, I figured it out. In late October, the class was given an assignment to write an essay explaining what readers can learn from "The Pardoner's Tale". I turned in my essay thinking it was sufficient until I had received the graded paper back. I had received a poor score because I didn't analyze my evidence... Surprise! My english teacher and I organized a time to meet for a writing conference. She explained how to proper analyze and sent me on my way. I'm not going to lie... I didn't quite understand the first time, so, I had some peer explain as well. I believe that this situation made my written communication because this was an opportunity that not many teachers would have given me. From the help of my superior and peers, I now have a sharpened understanding of analyzing and a step closer to being college ready.

A goal that I would like to set for 2nd semester of my senior year is to greatly improve my oral communication. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I started senior year introverted. Speeches were hideous, and communication with my facilitators were awful. Thankfully, I have grown out of that shell quite a bit, but not as much as I would have liked to. My goal in 2nd semester is to have 100% control and confidence when I need to preform a speech to my class. As of now, I am becoming more comfortable beginning to step more out of that shell. With confidence, motivation, and encouragement, I know that achieving this goal will be easy peasy.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Progressive Era Project - Are You Progressive?

Sophomore year so far has been really difficult. All these project, assignments, and notes feel like they are being crammed down our throats. But I guess that's what life will be like in the future; lots of work and lots of stress. The project that I'm currently in is called "Are You Progressive?". This project is a pain, but I know that my facilitator worked really hard and very proud of this project, so I won't complain much.

This project really has me thinking, "Am I progressive with my life?".  So far in this project that patience is the key to any door. There maybe people that I don't want to work with but it's necessary for me to persevere to make me a better person. Those people that don't really do their work are the people that most don't want to work with. However, I think that by stretching my ability to do this will help me in the long run. I plan to go in to a medical school to become a pediatrician. I KNOW that there will be some parents/coworkers that I won't like very much, but I know it's very important to be the "bigger person" in these kinds of situations. 

In this passed semester, I feel like I have grown a lot in my collaboration. I have really pushed myself to work with others that I would never dream of working with again. However, I know that there will be more to come and this is just practice. I believe that as time goes on, I think that working with other will become much easier. I know that will all this time I will spend practicing this skill, I will be a successful person in life and that's all I strive to be.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Global Persectives Taught Me...

Global perspectives (GP) has been a very hectic class for me. GP is a two classes it one. It’s the mix of English and World History. Even though it’s one class. It has a two hour block. It’s one of those classes that no one likes to go to because you are doing “hard work” everyday. It pushes you to the limit of where you don’t want to be pushed. If I learned anything from this class, it would have to be: Persevere through everything; never give up. This class has stressed me out for two trimesters now and honestly, I’m glad it’s over. I had a good time with my teachers and peers, but sometimes it can be a little too much.

When you are placed into a project with people that won’t do anything, you know that you will carry most of the weight. At the beginning of the year, we were told to take a test called compass points. Compass points tell you how you are in group projects. Like a compass, it will tell you what direction you are going. All directions mean something different. I am a West. For someone to be a West, they would want everything organized and planned neatly. If something doesn't go their way, they don't like it.

This is basically me in a project. I need a list so I know what has to been done. When there is one error, I feel like the world is going to end. This class taught me to persevere when it was presentation day, I had no idea what was going on because I had been gone some days before the presentation day. I got to the point to where I was in tears because I didn’t know what to do. We still presented and everything was fine. I learned that not everything is as bad as it seems. I just need to calm down and go through the plan. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

Trimester 2 in WSOI

I feel like I have grown most in oral communication in this trimester. In this trimester, most of my classes were “B” classes. This means I took the second part of one class. An example would be my Global Perspectives (GP) class. All this class is, is a combination of English 9 and World History 9. So I took GP A the first trimester, and I took GP B this trimester. GP is that one class that everyone hates because it is the combo of the worst classes ever. That class really pushed me these past 12-13 weeks. We are up in front of the class talking a lot of the time we are in that class.

In this trimester, I also has a traditional class (A class outside of WSOI), Nutrition and Wellness. We were put into new groups every 2-3 weeks and work with them. Because it wasn’t a WSOI class, we didn’t present often. However, when we did, it was like the gates of Satan opened up. Everyone is scared, they back up into a  corner, and they hope they don’t get called on. On the other hand, I don’t feel any pressure. I actually feel really comfortable. When it is my groups turn to present, I notice that they are all slouching, they’re talking quietly, and their backs are facing everyone, looking at the screen while I’m doing the exact opposite. I feel confident because I can do something comfortably that most high school students can’t.

In WSOI we are graded on 5 things: knowledge and thinking, collaboration, oral communication, written communication and agency. The thing that was hardest for me, and most of my peers, was/is knowledge and thinking. It sounds stereotypical, I know. But that’s not the case! I don’t know a single person who has a 100% in knowledge and thinking. In order to get 100% in knowledge and thinking, you have to over achieve in everything you do, which can get very tiring. If you compare the kids that get 80-95% in knowledge and thinking to any traditional school student, they would think that we are naturally over achieving. I feel like we are graded more strictly than the traditional school and not a lot of people see that. I’m thankful for the education I have and what it will do for me in the future.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cancer Night Reflection

(My clay project - Hershey Kiss)

Last night, February 17, 2015, we had an open house called Cancer Night. About 3 weeks ago we are put into groups for this occasion. We were allowed to pick our cancer or have it chosen for us. Most of the groups got their chosen for them, but our group decided to have a cancer called acute myeloid leukemia (AML). We were required to make a presentation on a tri-fold and discuss the main points of cancer. Those would include: healthy cell division, mutation, basics of cancer, Experimental treatments, prevention steps, charitable organizations, and a study case. The reason why we were including charitable organizations was because the whole point of cancer night was to raise money for the Cancer Association of Marshall County. The Cancer Association of Marshall county is an organization in Marshall county, Indiana, that helps out the people from Marshall county. A case study is where we find a person to show who has had this kind of cancer. It really shows how real this can be and how hard it is to get through it, even though it’s not you.

Last night, in my opinion, was really nerve wracking. Everyone was running around, stressing out, and panicking. When it got time for presentations, I felt like everyone was sweating because 1. it smelled bad 2. everyone was nervous for their first presentation. I’ll admit, I was nervous too but shouldn’t have been. It actually got pretty boring as the night went on because of all the repetitive speaking. The most nerve wracking part was presenting to my family because I knew that if I messed up, they would make fun of me. However, it was comforting at the same time because I knew that they were my family and that they were they to see me present. By the end of the night, I was tired but I was happy with what the WSOI (Weidner School of Inquiry) has done for Marshall county.

As we were working on our research, I felt like this could be the easiest grade ever. The only problems I had was keeping my group together. Other than that, everything was okay until the night of the presentations. When it was time to present, I had the jitters and I felt that roller coaster feeling in my stomach. I was afraid I was going to mess up and embarrass myself. Today I think I should have calmed down more because it probably was the simplest grade I could get. By the time people were stopping at our presentations, I felt really good. We would have great conversations with the listeners and it was just an amazing experience. It was more than a project to me last night. I felt that we got down to a personal level and it just great to have a connection with the audience.

Throughout this project, I learned that you can not try to be perfect. I get these ideas in my mind on how I want it to be, and if it doesn't turn out how I planned, I get stress out. We were working with clay for cancer night I wanted to make a Hershey Kiss that can hold chocolate, so I did. I knew what it what supposed to look like, but I couldn't get it to that perfect shape. When it got fired in the kiln, I thought, "oh well! My glazing will make up for it". I tried finding the colors to resemble the most popular types of Hershey Kisses. Thought I got it down and I was so proud of myself. Once it came out of the kiln again, I felt like I was pushed 6ft underground. The colors did not turn out the way I wanted them too and it looked terrible. I thought no one would bid on it. It actually up bidding for $20 and I was quite happy about that.

This trimester was harder than I thought it would be. Last tri- we learned about evolution and plants. This tri- we are learning about cancer and cells. The cell is so complicated that it's not even funny. High school gets me so focused on my future that it makes me realize that I have 4 years left until I'm on my own. What I don't like about this is that it has matured me way too fast. I don't have the humor that I had last year, I don't think much stuff is funny anymore, and students think I'm stuck up when I use my time wisely. I do say that I am mature than most of my grade, and I'm thankful for that. However, I need to know when to be chill at times. Times like last night worked perfectly for me because my inner adult came out. I knew now to greet them, and I knew how to talk to them. All thanks goes to the Weidner School of Inquiry. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Deconstructing Text

 Gratitude can be difficult to express, but when you do a heart-felt gesture, you will feel so much better. Sometimes you wont get the response that you want but you have to know that they appreciate deep inside. The people that you respect the most should have an easier time to show their apreciation.
I agree with the author and the main idea of this article because he understands the great parts and not so great parts of gratitude. For me gratitiude is easy to express. I think by writing a Power of a Positive Act note will be easy to do that will impact so many.

Horsager, David. "Your Most Powerful Forgotten Weapon: Gratitude." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 28 Nov. 2012. Web. 05 Dec. 2014.